A World Of Goals!!!

We are gradually getting to the end of the year and we are sure pulling out the score cards to see how well or badly we have done through the year. The goals we set and tweaked a bit when we gave up on them and thought a modified version of the goals will get us closer to it. The goals we sometimes overlook and carried over unto the next year. Or better still, some of such goals, we simply struck out. I have some of my goals and I am sure going to let you into it.
The great thing about goals is that when written, it becomes almost like an agreement one cannot easily break out of. I write them every year. One re-occurring goal I find on my list is- I AM GOING TO EAT HEALTHY AND START EXERCISING. Oh! You need to see me three months after writing down this particular goal, and I am all ‘Eba and Ofe-Ora’. The biggest exercise I would have done would be carrying my hand bag. But I don’t give up. Because having those goals show up every year was a reason I had to take this earliest action. So, this year I did something more, In my world of goals, I reminded my self that every goal has a price and if you don’t win, you lose out and that was when the kick started.
The first thing I did was to work and quit on the bad habits… difficult it was but it was done. Research and read up on how to go about it. I realized my bag could do more than just carry my valuables, it became a better replacement for dumbells. Eating Fruits cost as much as having Chips and Chicken. I also don’t have to eat so much to be alive, cut down on the portion size. I more so realized, you can’t calculate the exact calories in a typical Igbo soup and if you don’t create time for your goals, you can NEVER achieve them. What you give attention today might become your salvation tomorrow. I got myself a very lovely dress at my target size and it was also so expensive. So if I must fit into the dress, I must deserve it.
Therefore, in the world of the goals I set, and the reincarnation of some as the years roll by, I must admit that setting goals might not be easy, keeping them might be even harder, but I have come to realize that for every goal I have achieved so far, there is always a sense of pride that comes with it. So, yes to every Achievement set in the world of goals. Whats is your own GOAL Story?


What Motivates You?

I was having a very heated but interesting discussion with a group of new friends I made recently and these people are wonderful. Wonderful because they are  a blend of individuals with Unique Point of View about life and How life is originally supposed to work. The whole discussion has started because one of the Ladies in the clique who is a size 16 (UK dress size) is working herself out and dieting really hard to fit into a size 10 dress, the motivation isn’t because of health… Her motivation was to fit into a dress a friend sent to her and she wouldn’t want to let go of it. Aah!!! the jaws of the guys dropped before any of them uttered a word.

Well, that was a great topic or the evening with a lot of inputs and all that. Now to you, What motivates you? What makes you get up in the morning and look life into the face and headlong no matter what anyone has to say to you? What thrills you and places a smile on your face against all odds? what inspires you and keeps you going? 

Let me tell you what keeps me going. At work, solving problems and meeting new clients keeps me going, the fact I have something to contribute because I am relevant. In face of troubled waters, this too shall pass and I shall come out stronger. In my relationship with people, the believe that there is more to us than meets the eyes and how I am so happy to watch the other person laugh. For dieting, I want to live long enough to see my Children’s children in good health. In life, the surprises and the grace. Our reasons for being motivated differs one from another. Tell me what is keeps you going???

They May Not Be There

If you have watched the Movie, 27 dresses in which Jane a brides maid addict I must say had done the act 27 times. In Nigeria it is the act buying Asoebi and with the number of friends and relatives you have comes the multiplying effect. So I will be giving you a very personal point of view that actually came up recently in my life and because I think I overcame it, I can share it. I am not one of those who are thrilled about buying asoebi or being a brides maid as I feel the dresses end up being one of those you rarely wear and dumped in the charity bag. Don’t worry I don’t intend to sell one either.

Cute smile (you shall meet him one of these days) brought up the discussion of friends and the train and how many  guests I am likely expecting on my list and this has sparked up my putting together this heartfelt though which actually I have been feeling and only wishing I could express all this while… Heartfelt thoughts I never knew I was this angry about until my fingers has started going “tarapapapappa trapapappapa kpom.” My keyboard has hear ‘whiiii’ today (Its Nigeria grammar).

Ok… friends are now getting married. You know when it seems like you are the only single left in the clique and they are all of a sudden reviewing your life like the one who has made mistakes? Yes. They are constantly reminding you of the married man you dated and the boyfriends you snatched. Aah! Don’t worry I have been there. Well, the truth is that the often start with the fact that as soon as their boyfriends pops the question, that ring becomes a direction wand, you must notice it (laughing in German). They all of a sudden make you the center of attraction, after all, if they are not talking to you, they are talking about you. You see, you are meant to buy their asoebi, which are usually unnecessarily expensive. Then the fact that some of them take the wedding outside the usual town to far away villages and you are meant to travel, carter for your hotel bills and expenses. More so, your salary won’t cover for all of that, (that is if you are working at all) and then you are expressly expected to still buy them gifts. Haba… all this with the intention that when you do yours, abi they will be there? That’s not all, you will be lucky if they get to talk to you after the wedding and the honey moon. You become the single gril who are not safe regions to play with around their husbands. God has put you on suspension if you were the life box of the party those days and now you have to face the music. Sooner or later, it doesn’t matter if you had 30 friends and have bought all the bridal train dresses, asoebi for the traditional or Ore Iyawo (friends of the bride, I just learnt of this recently), you will realize, a class has been set and does not matter how successful you are, once you are not in the married or engaged clique here, once you carry the unwritten signboard of Single and Waiting, you become a loner, Simple!

Surprise! I made this simple observation… If you are in a clique of 5 and among the last 2 standing, chances are you might not have any of your clique present at your wedding… they will be married and pregnant and the last one standing might be too bitter or too busy with her new career or boy friend quest to attend. That’s the truth. So wake up. Give yourself a shake… you might be the only friend of yourself standing by yourself on your own wedding day and you might be lucky if they do remember to call you. Not because they don’t want to but the daily challenges of life has overwhelmed them. These days, I even heard you can hire bride maids?

Somebody might call me bad belle, thank you. But the truth I speak and nothing but the truth. So my advice are these; Don’t worry yourself so much if you cannot conveniently afford the asoebi or the trip. If you must do it at the detriment of your job or the people involved with you. Brides throw tantrums, preserve the friendship if you can, but please don’t go throwing away your life savings. I rest my case, if I must add before I go, how many of these clothes can you remember the last time you wore it?

More so, this is dedicated to my bestie Michelle Arikpo, I couldn’t be at her wedding due to work and insufficient account balance, (lwkmd, can’t believe I have so much now). But, she got the best man for her and the wedding took place without me. Congratulations my dear and a happy marriage life…


We have all heard the saying, ‘When life throws or gives you lemons, make lemonades’. thoughtful wise saying I guess for those who actually know what lemonades are. Growing up, I am faced with repeating after the teacher this wise saying and echoing it after her especially in the Moral class (it doesn’t exist in a lot of schools these days). It felt proud saying this and boy! you need to have seen my face when I rail out the stories before the saying to my mother and ending it with the saying. Funny thing was I didn’t even know what lemonades were.

So, growing up in Nigeria and most importantly being Igbo, I learnt the art of business and making the best out of every situation. the option of facing and making decisions. The art of surviving and above all odds, keeping the head above waters. Life rocked me hard and I think I fell for the pranks it threw at me. I realised also that lemonades do not work in this country. Most people do not like to drink lemons unless they are trying to loss weight. Therefore making lemonades out of life situation was a waste. I was eventually forced to learn. Study the situation and have options and behold life has thought me. There was the option of selling the lemons to those who make lemonades, there was also the choice of getting the seeds out and planting an orchard. Now my favorite, find those who life has given oranges, tangerines, grapes, and all sorts of fruits and make a mixed juice fruit from them and sure take a seed from them, so that you could plant theirs as well. The fact that life gave you lemons alone doesn’t mean you should stick to it alone.

When life throws lemons at you, study the situation then go out and make the best out of it.


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